On an optimization model for Approximate Nonnegative Matrix Factorization



Image and video signal processing have a various
number of tasks to be performed in order to obtain an efficient
and low-dimensional encoding for transmission. Studies have
shown that Nonnegative Factorization of the data Matrix (NFM)
is a suitable tool for obtaining ranking reduction and sparse coding.
Thus, developing efficient optimization algorithmic methods
for video/image encoding presents a key technical challenge in
the effort to minimize distortion and obtain good quality reduced
encodings. In this paper, we propose a discrete optimization
framework where NMF is formulated as a nonlinear programming
optimization problem, and apply an Spectral Projected
Gradient (SPG) algorithm to this problem. The computational
experience reported shows that the proposed approach can in
fact produce good quality local minima.


Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, Constrained Large Scale Optimization, Image Signal Processing


Combinatorial Optimization, Feature extraction, Image Signal Processing


ISCIES - International Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Engineering System, November 2011

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