WSN Evaluation in Industrial Environments First results and lessons learned



The GINSENG project is about the development
of a performance-controlled wireless sensor network that can
be used in time-critical applications and hostile environments
such as industrial plant automation and control. GINSENG aims
at integrating wireless sensor networks with existing enterprise
resource management solutions using a middleware while a
cornerstone is ongoing evaluation in a challenging industrial
environment in an oil re?nery in Portugal. In this paper we
?rst present our testbed as it is currently installed. We go on
by introducing our solution to access, debug and ?ash the sensor
nodes remotely from an operations room in the plant or from any
location with internet access. We further present our methodology
when it comes to experiments in the re?nery and also show some
exemplary results from the re?nery testbed.


Ginseng, Performance, Wireless Sensor Networks



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ICT FP7 GINSENG - Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks


DCOSS 2011

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