Configuration and Data Processing over a Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks



Although software adaptation has been identified as an effective approach for addressing context-aware applications, the existing work on WSNs fails to support context-awareness and mostly focuses on developing techniques to reprogram the whole sensor node rather than reconfiguring a particular portion of the sensor application software. Therefore, enabling adaptability in the higher layers of the network architecture such as the middleware and application layers, besides its consideration in the lower layers, becomes of high importance. In this paper we propose an approach to hide heterogeneity and offer a single common configuration and processing component for all nodes of that heterogeneous system. This advances the current state-of-the-art, by providing a lego-like model whereby a single simple but powerful component is deployed in any node regardless of its underlying differences, and the system is able to remotely configure and process data in any node in a most flexible way, since every node has the same uniform API, processing and access functionalities.


Heterogeneity, Middleware, Distributed systems, wireless sensor networks.




DCOSS 2011

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