Device-Independent Middleware for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks



Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are deployed to sense, monitor and act on the environment. Deployments in scenarios such as industrial sense and react environments require a set of functionality, and for both ease and reconfiguration capabilities it is important to offer an appropriate framework. We propose a framework for interaction with real-world devices by abstracting proprietary protocols, allowing the interaction between client applications and heterogeneous sensor network platforms and protocols. The framework allows the (re)configuration of alarms, actions or closed-loop techniques, offering flexibility and the possibility to modify for providing performance control guarantees. It allows users to configure and apply various operations, including complex closed-loop techniques that monitor and act over any actuator in the WSN, independently of the underlying WSN infrastructure. The framework is being deployed in a real scenario in the context of European FP7 GINSENG project (wireless networks with performance control guarantees).




WSN, Middleware


ISPA 2011 2011

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