Interoperability for Data Processing in Distributed Sensor Networks



This paper presents a platform for heterogeneous industrial wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSANs). We propose an abstraction layer middleware to support context-aware services. The proposed architecture was designed to provide a single homogeneous configuration interface that allows configuration and operation of any computation-capable node or group of nodes and hides node heterogeneity, as opposed to hand-coding every component of the system for every minor or major configuration change and/or having multiple configuration systems.
The framework allows the (re)configuration of alarms, actions or closed-loop techniques in any part of the system (e.g. remote sensors, gateways or control stations), offering flexibility and the possibility to modify for providing performance control guarantees. It allows users to configure and apply various operations to monitor and act over any actuator in the WSN, independently of the underlying WSAN infrastructure.


WSAN, Heterogeneous network, Data Processing, Industrial requirements


Data quality, WSN


IPSN 2011 2011

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