StreamNetFlux: birth of transparent integrated CEP-DBs



CEP and Databases have traditionally been viewed as two separate entities, the first one oriented towards real-time event processing and the second one oriented towards long-term management of data. But in fact many real-time data and business intelligence analysis do need to confront streaming data with long-term stored one. For instance, how do today's sales compare with last year's sales for the same day? We demonstrate StreamNetFlux, a new system being commercialized that integrates CEP and databases in a way that is smooth and transparent to the user. Our demonstration will show that the new system is able to process queries that need such capabilities in an integrated fashion and with top efficiency and scalability features. The demonstration will use a Telco case study and will show that not only the system is able to provide integrated processing, as it is also extremely efficient and scalable.






DEBS, July 2010

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