Joint Evaluation of Performance and Robustness of a COTS DBMS Through Fault-Injection



This paper presents and discusses observed failure modes of a common-off-the-shelf (COTS) Database Management System (DBMS) under the presence of transient operational faults induced by SWIFI. The standard Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) TPC-C benchmark and associated environment is used here together with fault-injection technology, building a framework that discloses both dependability and performance figures. Over 1600 faults were injected in the database server of a Client/Server computing environment built upon Oracle 8.1.5 database engine and Windows NT running on COTS machines with Intel Pentium processors. A macroscopic view on the impact of faults revealed that: 1) A large majority of the faults caused no observable abnormal impact in the database server; In 96% of hardware faults and 80% of software faults the database server behaved normally. 2) Software faults are more prone to let the database server hanging or cause abnormal terminations. 3) Up to 51% of software faults lead to observable failures in the client processes.


Experimental COTS Evaluation


Dependable Systems and Networks Conference, DSN-2000, June 2000

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