Empowering end-users to manage business rules: the case of a graphical environment built for a telco



We present GREAT (GRaphical tool for rules Editing and AudiTing), an approach and a tool of graphical business rules edition which we designed and developed. This tool is a graphical and collaborative Web-based application with rich user interface enabling to easily create and edit business rules. Relevant aspects of the GREAT tool are (1) the ability to define templates of business rules with various levels of granularity and of rule elements, which can be further reused; (2) the ability to set different configurable user profiles from a broad range of permissions which combined with business rules templates enables to restrict the action spectrum of an inexperienced user; (3) the automatic versioning of business rules. We validate our approach with real-world business rules provided by a telecommunications company. The GREAT tool provides real graphical functionalities of business rules creation and edition, enabling the rules to be truly created by experts in the business operation area, rather than by Information Technology professionals.


Business rules, graphical editor, Drools, RIA, DRL


Business rules graphical editor

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GREAT - Graphical Rules Editing and Auditing Tool


19th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering – CE2012, September 2012

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