Gains Tuning of Fuzzy Controllers Based on a Cost Function Optimization



This paper presents a methodology for tuning the gains of fuzzy proportional-integral controllers where the concept of closed loop control system performance is explicitly taken into account. The fuzzy controller gains are found by solving a nonlinear constrained optimization problem considering the system's dynamics described by a nonlinear model and a set of constraints on the controller gains, control actions and outputs. Experimental results from a testbed show the pertinence of using the proposed tuning technique.


Fuzzy Control, Gains Tuning, Nonlinear Optimization, Constrained admissible solution


Design of Fuzzy controllers


Controlo2012 - 10th Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control, July 2012

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 Lucena, Catarina Inês Marques de. "Aplicação de técnicas de controlo óptimo difuso em ambientes distribuídos." (2012).