On Integrating Description Logics and Rules under Minimal Hypotheses



A central and much debated topic in the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning community is how to combine open-world with closed-world for- malisms, such as Description Logics (DLs) with Logic Programming. We propose an approach to defining the semantics of hybrid theories, composed of a DL and a Normal Logic Program (NLP) parts, which employs standard open-world semantics for the former and Pinto and Pereira’s Minimal Hypotheses semantics (MHs) for the latter. As opposed to the currently employed semantics for hy- brid DL-NLP KBs based on Stable Model (SM) semantics, our hybrid semantics guarantees the existence of models for any hybrid DL-NLP theory with consistent DL fragment and consistent DL-NLP ensemble. Because MHs features beneficial theoretical properties, like relevance and cumulativity, existential query answer- ing tasks may not need to consider the whole hybrid KB, as it is necessarily the case with current state-of-the-art approaches based on the SM semantics.


Description Logics, Logic Programs, Semantics, Semantic Web


Semantics for Description Logics/Logic Programs Hybrid Knowledge Bases


RR 2012, September 2012

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