Music Emotion Classification: Dataset Acquisition and Comparative Analysis



In this paper we present an approach to emotion classification in audio music. The process is conducted with a dataset of 903 clips and mood labels, collected from Allmusic1 database, organized in five clusters similar to the dataset used in the MIREX2 Mood Classification Task. Three different audio frameworks – Mar-syas, MIR Toolbox and Psysound, were used to extract several features. These audio features and annotations are used with su-pervised learning techniques to train and test various classifiers based on support vector machines. To access the importance of each feature several different combinations of features, obtained with feature selection algorithms or manually selected were tested. The performance of the solution was measured with 20 repetitions of 10-fold cross validation, achieving a F-measure of 47.2% with precision of 46.8% and recall of 47.6%.


music emotion recognition, music information retrieval

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MOODetector: A System for Mood-based Classification and Retrieval of Audio Music


15th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects – DAFx’12, September 2012

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