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Lexical knowledge bases (LKBs) hold information on the words of a language and their interactions, according to their possible meanings.
They are typically structured on word senses, which may be connected by semantic relations.
Regarding the complexity of most LKBs, their data formats are generally not suited for being read by humans. User interfaces have thus been developed for providing easier ways of exploring the LKB and assessing its contents.
WordNet Search, for Princeton WordNet, or MNEX, for MindNet, are examples of such interfaces. However, in addition to information on words and semantic relations, it is important that the interfaces provide usage examples where semantic relations hold, or at least where related words co-occur.
Folheador is a browser for Portuguese LKBs.
Besides an interface for navigating through semantic relations acquired from dierent sources, it is linked to services that provide access to Portuguese corpora, thus allowing the observation of related words co-occurring in authentic contexts of use.


Natural Language Processing

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10th International Conference on Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language, Demo Session (PROPOR 2012), Coimbra, Portugal, April 2012

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