Routing Metric for Interference and Channel Diversity in Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks



More than providing a wireless structure for Internet access,
Wireless Mesh Networks are being challenged to support diverse kinds
of multimedia applications such as Voice over IP and video streaming
in publish-subscriber and peer-to-peer service models. In this context,
several routing metrics have been proposed to improve the routing performance
as well as the network capability to satisfy the requirements of
multimedia applications. However, most routing metrics lack the consistent
integration of efficient monitoring mechanisms for interference and
traffic load characterization in order to support the adequate decisions
by the routing algorithms. In this sense, a new routing metric is proposed
in this paper, called Metric for INterference and channel Diversity
(MIND), that measures network interference and load, based on a passive
monitoring mechanism in order to avoid the overhead of active network
state information gathering. An evaluation of MIND and relevant existing
routing metrics was performed using NS2. The results showed that
when path selection is based on MIND, traffic performance is significantly
better than with the other metrics.


interference-aware and load-aware routing metric, wireless mesh networks


Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks


8th International Conference on Ad-Hoc Networks and Wireless (AdHocNow2009), September 2009 2009

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