An XML-Format for Conjectures in Geometry, (Work-in-Progress)



With a large number of software tools dedicated to the visualisation and/or demonstration of properties of geometric constructions and also with the emerging of repositories of geometric constructions, there is a strong need of linking them, and making them and their corpora, widely usable. A common setting for interoperable interactive geometry was already proposed, the i2g format, but, in this format, the conjectures and proofs counterparts are missing. A common format capable of linking all the tools in the field of geometry is missing. In this paper an extension of the \itog\ format is proposed, this extension is capable of describing not only the geometric constructions but also the geometric conjectures. The integration of this format into the Web-based GeoThms, TGTP and Web Geometry Laboratory systems is also discussed.


XML, Geometric proofs


XML format for geometric proofs


Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, CICM 2012, July 2012

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 Chen, Xiaoyu and Wang, Dongming, Formalization and Specification of Geometric Knowledge Objects, MCS 7(4). Doi: 10.1007/s11786-013-0167-4