Multihoming Management for Future Networks



IPmultihomingisanetworkingconceptwith a deceptively simple definition in theory. In practice, however, multihoming has proved difficult to implement and optimize for. Moreover, it is a concept, which, once adopted in the core Internet architecture, has a sig- nificant impact on operation and maintenance. A triv- ial definition of multihoming would state that an end- node or an end-site has multiple first-hop connections to the network. In this paper, we survey and summarize in a comprehensive manner recent developments in IP multihoming. After introducing the fundamentals, we present the architectural goals and system design prin- ciples for multihoming, and review different approaches. We survey multihoming support at the application, ses- sion, transport, and network layers, covering all recent proposals based on a locator/identifier split approach. We critically evaluate multihoming support in these proposals and detail recent developments with respect to multihoming and mobility management.


Computer networks, Computer network management, Reliability and performance, Multihoming, Multiaccess, Locator/identifier split, MPTCP, SCTP, SHIM6, LISP, HIP, MIPv6, PMIPv6, MCoA


Mobile Networks And Applications, Vol. 16, #4, pp. 505-517 2011

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