Internet-Based Self-Services: from Analysis and Design to Deployment



Many worldwide economies have moved away from manufacturing and became service-oriented. As a consequence, research on Internet-based Self-Services (ISS) will foster the uptake of service exports and trading since they can replace many face-to-face interactions and make service transactions more accurate, convenient and faster. Currently, ISS are poorly supported since they are created using generic software techniques and development methods. Systematic methods are needed and must go beyond service design, a well established research area, to account also for service analysis, implementation, and deployment. In this paper, we explore a systematic development approach, called SEASIDE, based on four scientific advances: enterprise architectures (EA), model-driven developments (MDD), model-view-controller pattern (MVC), and platform as a service (PaaS). By selecting the Incident Management service from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, we have evaluated our approach. Our research indicates that the proposed method enables to focus on the business and design side of
services, and reduce development time and costs.


Internet of Services


IEEE International Conference on Services Economics (SE 2012), March 2012

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