Evaluating the Feasibility Issues of Data Confidentiality Solutions from a Data Warehousing Perspective



Data Warehouses (DWs) are the core of enterprise sensitive data, which makes protecting confidentiality in DWs a critical task. Published research and best practice guides state that encryption is the best way to achieve this and maintain high performance. However, although encryption algorithms strongly fulfill their security purpose, we demonstrate that they introduce massive storage space and response time overheads, which mostly result in unacceptable security-performance tradeoffs, compromising their feasibility in DW environments. In this paper, we enumerate state-of-the-art data masking and encryption solutions and discuss the issues involving their use from a data warehousing perspective. Experimental evaluations using the TPC-H decision support benchmark and a real-world sales DW support our remarks, implemented in Oracle 11g and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. We conclude that the development of alternate solutions specifically tailored for DWs that are able to balance security with performance still remains a challenge and an open research issue.


Data masking, Encryption, Data security, Confidentiality, Database Performance, Data Warehousing


Data Warehousing and Encryption Performance


DAWAK 2012 - International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery, September 2012

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