Benchmarking the EDGI Infrastructure



The European Desktop Grid Initiative (EDGI) is an European project that aims to close the gap between service push-based grids, such as gLite, ARC and UNICORE, and desktop, pull-based, grids, such as BOINC and XtremWeb. Given the inevitably large size of the overall infrastructure, the EDGI team needs to benchmark its components, to identify configuration problems, performance bottlenecks, and to ensure the appropriate QoS levels.

In this paper, we describe our benchmarking effort. To take our measurements, we submitted batches of jobs to demonstration facilities, and to components that we disconnected from the infrastructure. We focused our measurements on the two most important metrics for any grid resource: latency and throughput of jobs. Additionally, by increasing job submission load to the limits of the EDGI components, we identified several bottlenecks in the job flow processes. The results of our work provide important performance guidelines for grid developers and administrators.


Grid Computing, Benchmarking

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EDGI - European Desktop Grid Initiative


4º Simpósio de Informática - INForum 2012, September 2012

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