Peer Selection in P2P Service Overlays Using Geographical Location Criteria



Peer-to-peer service overlay networks (P2P SON) are increasingly being infrastructure providers for networking services, allowing service providers to cooperatively offer and run a flexible set of services. Regarding this condition, the selection of peers is a key issue for improving resource usage; service performance, and ultimately end users Quality of Experience (QoE). This paper presents an approach to best peer selection in a three-tier P2P SON architecture, allowing the splitting of service business functions and peer selection functions. The proposed best peer selection approach is evaluated by simulation, using a literature available geographic positioning metrich that takes into account real delay and jitter made available by the CAIDA project and MaxMind’s free database. The simulation results show the consistency and good performance of the proposed peer selection approach.


Peer Selection, P2P, Services Management


12th Int. Conf. on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA’2012), June 2012

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