A Wavelet-based Approach for Time Series Pattern Detection and Events Prediction Applied to Telemonitoring Data



This work aims the development of a predictive strategy able to estimate future events with relevant impact in the cardiovascular status.
Based on wavelet transform, a new time series similarity metric is introduced, which is capable to detect a pre-defined pattern in time series data. In addition, a methodology combining a wavelet scheme with state space multi-models is proposed to achieve the prediction of future signal values.
Blood pressure signals, collected by a telemonitoring platform (TEN-HMS), are used to detect the occurrence of future hypertension events.


Biosignals simillarity analsys; Biosignals prediction; wavelets; blood pressure predicion


Biosignals analysis

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EMBC-2011, 33th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, September 2011

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