Cross-layer FEC-based Mechanism for Packet Loss Resilient Video Transmission



Real-time video transmission over wireless networks is now a part of the daily life of users, since it is the vehicle that delivers a wide range of information. The challenge of dealing with the fluctuating bandwidth, scarce resources and time-varying error levels of these networks, reveals the need for packet-loss resilient video transport. Given these conditions, Forward Error Correction (FEC) approaches are desired to ensure the delivery of video services for wireless users with Quality of Experience (QoE) assurance. This work proposes a Cross-layer Video-Aware FEC-based mechanism with Unequal Error Protection (UEP) scheme for packet loss resilient video transmission in wireless networks, which can increase user satisfaction and improve the use of resources. The advantages and disadvantages of the developed mechanism are highlighted through simulations and assessed by means of both subjective and objective QoE metrics.


Forward Error Correction (FEC), Video-aware FEC, QoE, Cross-layer, Unequal Error Protection (UEP)


Quality of Experience

Book Chapter

Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: From measurement, classification and anomaly detection to Quality of experience, 36, pp. 1-17, Springer, March 2013


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