Adaptive Video-Aware FEC-based Mechanism with Unequal Error Protection Scheme



Real-time video services over wireless networks are becom- ing a part of everyday life and have been used to spread information ranging from education to entertainment content. However, the challenge of dealing with the fluctuating bandwidth, scarce resources and the time-varying error rate of theses networks, unveils the need for an error-resilient video transport. In this context, Forward Error Correction (FEC) approaches are required to provide the distribution of video applications for wireless users with Quality of Experience (QoE) assurance. This work proposes an adaptive cross-layer Video-Aware FEC mechanism with Unequal Error Protection (UEP) scheme to enhance video transmission in wireless networks, while increasing the user satisfaction and improving the usage of wireless resources. The benefit and impact of the proposed mechanism are demonstrated by using simulation and assessed through objective and subjective QoE metrics.


QoE, Unequal Error Protection (UEP), Forward Error Correction (FEC), Video-aware FEC, QoE, Cross-layer


ACM SAC, March 2013


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