QoE-aware FEC Mechanism for Intrusion Detection in Multi- tier Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks



Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) play an important role in pervasive and ubiquitous systems. The multimedia content in such networks has the potential of enhancing the level of information collected, enlarging the range of coverage, and enabling multi-view support. For WMSN applications, the multi-tier network architecture has proven to be more beneficial than a single-tier in terms of energy-efficiency, scalability, functionality and reliability. In this context, a multimedia intrusion detection application appears as a promising application of multi-tier WMSNs, where the lower tier can detect the intruder using scalar sensors, and the higher tier camera nodes will be woken up to send real time video sequences from the detected area. The transmission of multimedia content requires a certain quality level from the user perspective, while energy consumption and network overhead should be minimized. Among the existing mechanisms for improving video transmissions, Forward Error Correction (FEC) can be regarded as a suitable solution to improve video quality level from the user point-of-view. In this work, we propose a Quality of Experience (QoE)-aware FEC mechanism for WMSNs, which creates redundant packets based on impact of the frame from on the user experience. According to the simulation results, our proposed mechanism achieved similar video quality level compared with standard FEC, while reducing the transmission of redundant packets, which will bring many benefits in a resource-constrained system.


Wireless multimedia sensor networks, QoE, Forward error correction, Multi-tier architecture, Intrusion detection


International Workshop on Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSN), October 2012


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