A Mobile QoE Architecture for Heterogeneous Multimedia Wireless Networks



One of the main requirements in this emerging wireless multimedia era is the Quality of Experience (QoE) assurance for 2D or 3D video applications in heterogeneous multi-operator environments. Therefore, this paper proposes a QoE Architecture for Heterogeneous Multimedia Wireless Networks, called QoEHand. QoEHand extends the Media Independent Handover (MIH)/IEEE 802.21 proposal with QoE-awareness, seamless mobility, dynamic class of service mapping and a set of content adaptation schemes. The proposed solution allows the best connection and considers the QoE needs of mobile clients and available wireless resources in IEEE 802.11e and IEEE 802.16e service classes. Simulation experiments were carried out to show the impact and benefits of QoEHand on the user´s perception, by using objective and subjective QoE metrics.


Multimedia, MIH, QoE, heterogeneous networks


GC'12 Workshop: The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Mobility Management in the Networks of the Future World - MobiWorld 2012, January 2012


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