Smart and Balanced Clustering for MANETs



Clustering is the most widely used performance solution for Mobile Ad Hoc
Networks (MANETs), enabling their scalability for a large number of mobile
nodes. The design of clustering schemes is quite complex, due to the highly
dynamic topology of such networks. A numerous variety of clustering schemes have
been proposed in literature, focusing different characteristics and objectives.
In this work, a fully distributed and clusterhead-free clustering scheme is
proposed, namely Smart and Balanced Clustering for MANETs (SALSA). The scheme introduces a new cluster balancing mechanism and a best clustering metric, aiming to provide a reduced maintenance overhead. SALSA was evaluated and compared with
the Novel Stable and Low-maintenance Clustering Scheme (NSLOC), featuring topologies with up to 1000 nodes and velocities of
20 meters per second. Results confirmed the performance efficiency of the new
scheme, providing stability and low maintenance overhead, even in the largest


MANET, distributed clustering, mobility, stability, large networks


Clustering for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


ADHOC-NOW 2011, July 2011

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