Open Semantic Service Networks: Modeling and Analysis



A new interesting research area is the representation and analysis of the networked economy using Open Semantic Service Networks (OSSN). OSSN are represented using the service description language USDL to model nodes and using the service relationship model OSSR to model edges. Nonetheless, in their current form USDL and OSSR do not provide constructs to capture the dynamic behavior of service networks. To bridge this gap, we used the General System Theory (GST) as a framework guiding the extension of USDL and OSSR to model dynamic OSSN. We evaluated the extensions made by applying USDL and OSSR to two distinct types of dynamic OSSN analysis: 1) evolutionary by using a Preferential Attachment (PA) and 2) analytical by using concepts from System Dynamics (SD). Results indicate that OSSN can constitute the first stepping stones toward the analysis of global service-based economies.


open services, service systems, service networks, system dynamics, services


Information Systems


4th International Conference on Exploring Service Science (IESS 1.3), February 2013

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