Selected Challenges on Security and Dependability of Embedded Systems



As embedded systems are silently spreading into every corner of our technological society and being interconnected in a world-wide network, they become invaluable to our daily lives, therefore our concern in their correct and secure behavior increases. However, improving dependability and security of embedded devices must be done with special care, since they are usually developed under severe resource- and price-constraints.
In the frame of Critical Step project some FPGA-based embedded systems have been developed, with special concern for dependability and security improvement. Due to resource constraints of these devices, some particular challenges were faced, that are described in this paper: when to employ security during system lifecycle; which security threats to deal with; how to cope with computational-demanding cryptography; how to deal with security in safety-critical systems; how to increase dependability; how to assure timeliness; and how to evaluate dependability.


security, dependability, embedded system, FPGA, partial reconfiguration


Embedded systems security and dependability

Related Project

CRITICAL Software Technology for an Evolutionary Partnership (CRITICAL STEP)

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Innovative Technologies for Dependable OTS-Based Critical Systems, 13, pp. 175-185, Springer 2013

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