Security Testing in SOAs: Techniques and Tools



Web Applications and Services are often deployed with critical software bugs that may be maliciously exploited. The adoption of Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) in a wide range of organizations, including business-critical systems, opens the door to new security challenges. The problem is that developers are frequently not specialized on security and the common time-to-market constraints limit an in depth test for vulnerabilities. Additionally, research and practice shows that the effectiveness of existing vulnerability detection tools is very poor. This highlights the need for tools capable of efficiently detecting vulnerabilities in SOAs. This chapter discusses these problems and proposes new techniques and tools to improve services security by detecting vulnerabilities in a SOA in an automated manner.


Service Oriented Architectures, Services, Security Testing, Software Vulnerabilities, Vulnerability Detection, Command Injection Vulnerabilities, Penetration Testing, Static Code Analysis


Security Testing in SOAs

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Book Chapter

Innovative technologies for dependable OTS-based critical systems, 3.2, pp. 159-174, Springer Milan, February 2013


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