Architecture for Uniform (Re)Configuration and Processing over Embedded Sensor and Actuator Networks



Deployment of embedded systems in industrial environments requires pre-configuration for operation, and in some contexts easy re-configuration capabilities are also desirable. It is therefore useful to define a mechanism for embedded devices that will operate in sensor and actuator networks to be remotely (re)configured and to have flexible computation capabilities. We propose such a configuration, reconfiguration and processing mechanism in the form of a software architecture. A node component should be deployed in any embedded device and implements API, configuration, processing and communication. The resulting system provides remote configuration and processing of data in any node in a most flexible way, since every node has the same uniform API, processing and access functionalities. The experimental section shows a working deployment of this concept in an industrial refinery setting, as part of the EU FP7 project Ginseng


middleware, wsn


middleware, wsn

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ICT FP7 GINSENG - Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks


IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 10, #1, pp. 1-20, j, June 2013

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