Outliers Accommodation in Fuzzy Control Systems over WSAN



Wireless sensor and actuator networks have become an important research topic in the control systems area. These networks can provide flexibility, low operational and maintenance costs as well as scalability, which are important characteristics in the context of supervision systems. In networked control applications over wireless sensor networks, a particular source of performance degradation stems from outliers in sampled raw data. This demands the implementation of methodologies for their detection and accommodation. In the context of the networked control system over wireless sensor and actuator networks this paper proposes a detection and accommodation architecture based on the multi-agent paradigm, while the control system relies on a PID-fuzzy controller, where the scaling factors are tuned by solving a nonlinear constrained optimization problem. Experimental results collected from a laboratory testbed show the relevance of incorporating an outliers cancellation methodology.


Wireless sensor and actuator networks, multi-agents, fuzzy control, optimal gains, outlier accommodation.


5th KES International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies, June 2013

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