Middleware Group Communication Mechanisms in M2M environments



Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is a technology that will bring new horizons for the current concept of smart systems. However, efficient M2M communication requires the design of middle- ware/platform components able to deal with multiple application re- quirements and heterogeneous wireless environments. In order to ad- dress this challenge, this paper proposes the Communication Manager Component (CMC) to integrate the M2M middleware. CMC enables the management of communication mechanisms, such as data-aggregation, sleep-schedule, uplink-schedule and signaling-aggregation, aiming to save energy and to satisfy multiple application data requests. The manage- ment is performed dynamically taking into account the applications re- quests, the base-station overload indicators and the M2M devices’ status (e.g. energy level, location).


Machine-to-Machine;M2M;Middleware;Data-aggregation; Sleep-schedule; Uplink-schedule; Signaling-aggregation


M2M group communications


Second Joint ERCIM eMobility and MobiSense Workshop - WWIC 2013, June 2013

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