Geometry Construction Recognition by the Use of Semantic Graphs



Given the large number of dynamic geometry systems (DGS), geometry
automated theorem provers (GATP) and repositories of geometric infor-
mation (constructions and/or conjectures), we face the need of a query
mechanism for formal descriptions of geometric constructions. The DGS
and GATP describe the geometric constructions using formal languages
where the elements and the relations between them are described formally
and not in terms of a given geometric model. Given a formal language
we need to be able to look for similar construction, sub-constructions or
even different construction sharing a common property, e.g., a set of con-
structions about right angled triangles. Our approach is to transform the
geometric construction into a semantic graph representation of the con-
struction, in a given ontology. Graph pattern recognition algorithms can
then be used to search for the similarities we need and the results brought
back to the geometric setting.


Geometric Pattern Recognition


18th edition of the Portuguese Conference on Pattern Recognitionped, October 2012

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