SCoRe: An Across-the-Board Metric for Computer Systems Resilience Benchmarking



Resilience benchmarking is currently the focus of many research initiatives. Assessing and comparing computer systems under changing environments is becoming crucial due to the dynamic characteristics of modern computing environ-ments. Although several metrics have been proposed over the years, there is no universally accepted resilience metric, which hampers the definition of representative, useful, and accepted benchmarks. In this paper we propose a resilience metric, the Specific Corrected Resilience (SCoRe), which portrays the ability of the system to keep operating with a desired level of quality, in spite of the imposed stress, opening the way for benchmarking the resilience of computer systems.


Resilience, resilient systems, metrics, benchmarking, changeload, change scenario


Resilience metrics and benchmarking


1st Workshop on Systems Resilience (WSR 2013) 2013

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