The Importance of the Learning Conditions in Hyper-Heuristics



Evolutionary Algorithms are problem solvers inspired by na- ture. The effectiveness of these methods on a specific task usually depends on a non trivial manual crafting of their main components and settings. Hyper-Heuristics is a re- cent area of research that aims to overcome this limitation by advocating the automation of the optimization algorithm design task. In this paper, we describe a Grammatical Evo- lution framework to automatically design evolutionary algo- rithms to solve the knapsack problem. We focus our atten- tion on the evaluation of solutions that are iteratively gen- erated by the Hyper-Heuristic. When learning optimization strategies, the hyper-method must evaluate promising candi- dates by executing them. However, running an evolutionary algorithm is an expensive task and the computational bud- get assigned to the evaluation of solutions must be limited. We present a detailed study that analyses the effect of the learning conditions on the optimization strategies evolved by the Hyper-Heuristic framework. Results show that the computational budget allocation impacts the structure and quality of the learned architectures. We also present exper- imental results showing that the best learned strategies are competitive with state-of-the-art hand designed algorithms in unseen instances of the knapsack problem.


Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2013), July 2013

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