WebPensa: Uma Ferramenta de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento do Pensamento Crítico (Portuguese only)



his work presents an educational environment implemented to assist to develop
the critical thinking, whose use stimulates students and teachers to involve it them in a
new dynamics in which to the dialogue, the reflection and the intellectual exchange be
develops as process of acquisition of the knowledge. The WebPensa is a mediating tool
of the Educative Computational Technology, and only one of the possible results based
in a computational development and inspired model in the methodology of learning
defined for Matthew Lipman and in the premises of the Theory of the Activity.


Educational Technology, Critical Thinking, Activity Theory


WebPensa: A Tool to Support the Development of Critical Thinking


RENOTE - Revista Novas Tecnologias na Educação, Vol. 3, #1, pp. 1-8, CINTED/UFRGS, May 2005

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