Design Patterns in Games: the case for Sound Design



We present results of an initiative to express expertise in sound design in games as design patterns, aiming at the empowerment of non-expert practitioners and at the creation of the conditions for the broad community of game developers to invite expert sound designers more regularly and earlier into game projects.
We describe how we have harvested the patterns by analysing the experts’ works as a more convenient alternative to directly eliciting knowledge from them.
We also reveal how we tackled the synthesis of such guidance in a way that it embeds a holistic approach to the exploration of sound, with consequences beyond the mere sensitization to its pertinence.
Finally we present a Deck of Cards and a Wiki as companion tools for the proposed Pattern Language for Sound Design in Games.


Deck, design patterns, design cards, game design, pattern language, sound design


DPG 2013 - 2nd Workshop on Design Patterns in Games, co-located with FDG 2013 - 8th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games 2013

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