Dependable Computing - 14th European Workshop, EWDC 2013



EWDC is a privileged forum for discussion of current and emerging trends on dependability area, fostering a close and fruitful contact between researchers from both academia and industry. After the first series, started in 1989 and held on a yearly basis until 2000, EWDC was revived in 2009, running since then every two years, alternatively with the European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC). In 2009 EWDC was held in Toulouse, and in 2011 in Pisa.
EWDC 2013 focus on dependability and security of software and services. This is a challenging theme, especially when considering that information systems are more and more based on complex, heterogeneous, dynamic software and services, which are characterized by demanding quality attributes. Interoperability in the presence of dependability and security guarantees, as well as techniques and tools to assess the impact of accidental and malicious threats, are among the crucial aspects to be addressed.


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14th European Workshop on Dependable Computing

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Dependable Computing - 14th European Workshop, EWDC 2013, 978-3-642-38788-3, Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2013


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