Expedient Reconfiguration in the Cloud



Cloud computing enables high-availability and se- cure access to information. Multihoming aware mechanisms in the cloud enable resilience support with enhanced access to services in the case of failures or high-load events. The Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) natively supports multihoming with a primary-backup protection model. This paper introduces the Fast Reconfiguration Algorithm (FRA) that configures proactively SCTP, according to the state of the network and resources usage. Evaluation results, from tests performed in the cloud environment of a Telecom Operator, demonstrate that FRA adapts to different kinds of failures, network conditions and server load, improving significantly the performance of high volume data transfers.


Cloud computing, Fast-reconfiguration, Root- Cause Analysis, SCTP


cloud computing, multihoming, SCTP, optimization

Related Project

TRONE: Trustworthy and Resilient Operations in a Network Environment (CMU-PT/RNQ/0015/2009)


CAMAD'13, September 2013

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