SOA adoption in e-banking



The purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze influential factors of service-oriented architecture (SOA) adoption in e-banking and to provide a methodological framework that explains these factors. One of the main reasons why banks fail to achieve the benefits from SOA adoption is attributed to the lack of a framework that takes multiple perspectives of crucial factors into account. For this reason, the absence of such a methodological framework forms an important research problem that requires deeper investigation. In addressing this issue the paper proposes a framework that improves the decision-making process and helps banks raising SOA adoption benefits. The paper is based on a critical review and analysis of the normative literature, the development of a conceptual framework for SOA adoption in e-banking and the examination of this through a case study in a real environment. Various data collection methods such as personal interview, archival records, documentation and observation are used.


E-banking, Influential factors, Integration, SOA


SOA, ebanking


Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Vol. 26, #5, pp. 719-739, Zahir Irani 2013

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