Onto Scalable Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Adaptive and Location-aware Clustering



Clustering is a widely used solution to provide routing scalability in wireless ad hoc networks. In the literature, clustering schemes feature different characteristics and purposes, however few schemes are context-aware. This work proposes a new solution called Distributed and Location-aware Clustering (DiLoC), a clustering scheme designed to operate in indoor environments, providing mechanisms to gather context location information in order to ease the maintenance of clusters, thus resulting in a stabler network topology in order to provide a scalable network topology for an efficient routing. DiLoC considers three distinct approaches, regarding the characteristics of the deployment environment, aiming to cover infrastructure-less, infrastructure and hybrid network scenarios. DiLoC was evaluated and compared with a similar clustering scheme, featuring the stability, amount of clustered nodes and network load. Included results demonstrate a scalable algorithm with a significant high stability.


Ad hoc networks; Distributed clustering; Stability; Promiscuous indoor environments


Clustering Schemes for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Ad Hoc Networks, Vol. 11, #8, pp. 2484-2499, Elsevier, July 2013

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