Modeling the Organizational Regulatory Space: A Joint Design Approach



We present an approach for the joint design of organizational regulatory spaces (ORS). The approach was validated through action research, integrating the components of context, people, process, information, and IT. The design of the ORS is usually performed by distinct teams, with unconnected viewpoints, using different vocabularies and tools. Similarly to information systems, there are business experts that define the regulatory goals and rules. The ORS modeling is problematic, and is fragmented. We have adopted the O2 framework to provide a common level of abstraction for the design. The result is a comprehensive and layered map of the ORS. This approach has proved to offer an effective representation of the ORS for external auditors and business associations. Internally, we provide organizations with new ways to model, communicate, and improve the regulatory space.


Information system design, regulation, compliance, organizational regulatory space, O2 framework


Information Systems


6th IFIP WG 8.1, The Practice of Enterprise Modeling (PoEM), LNBIP 165, Riga, Latvia, November 2013

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