Five Dimensions of Information Systems: A Perspective from the IS and Quality Managers



We classify five key dimensions of information systems (IS): Context, People, Process, Information Technology (IT), and Information/Data. Subsequently, we propose a shared organizational model for quality information systems (QIS). A multiple case study was conducted in fourteen ISO 9001 certified organizations. The QIS model is validated with the cross-case comparison, focusing the perspectives of the IS and quality managers. Information analysis and IT support are usual topics in the IS – quality communication. These management functions have distinct priorities, but should concentrate their efforts in a common mission: design and improve the QIS. The data suggests that a QIS is not a separate IS for quality, is entwined with the organizational IS. We argue that five interrelated dimensions must be considered to create synergies between the IS and quality management systems. This study contributes to the discussion of how the IS should be addressed in the next release of ISO 9001.


Information Systems, Quality Information Systems, ISO 9001, Case Studies


Information Systems


10th European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS), Windsor, UK, October 2013

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