The Foundations for an IS Quality Culture in the Context of ISO 9001



This paper aims to: (1) review the concept of IS Quality in the context of ISO 9001; (2) propose a definition of IS Quality Culture; (3) suggest cultural synergies between IS Quality and ISO 9001 principles; and (4) propose a framework for the development and audit of an IS Quality Culture. We conducted a systematic literature review, followed by exploratory interviews with eight ISO 9001 auditors, whose focus is on data and administrative quality, missing other essential dimensions such as information quality, software quality, infrastructure quality, and service quality. In the context of ISO 9001, an IS Quality Culture must integrate all these dimensions and an improvement effort with shared quality principles. However, IS Quality Culture requires more attention in future revisions of ISO 9001. The development of an IS Quality Culture may improve the ISO 9001 audits and give more confidence that quality is truly managed as it should be.


Information Systems, Quality, IS Quality Culture, ISO 9001, Synergies


Information Systems


10th European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS), Windsor, UK, October 2013

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