Defining Gameplay Metrics from a Participation-centered Perspective



In this paper we exemplify the definition of gameplay metrics centered on participation, the way players take part in gameplay activity, from which gameplay experience emerges. We demonstrate the use of a game design and evaluation model built upon the participation concept. This model aims to guide the identification and interpretation of gameplay metrics that best fit the character of the videogame under analysis, helping to plan the evaluation of gameplay experience in the perspective of game design goals. By rationalizing the participation in the game context through six perspectives (Playfulness, Challenge, Embodiment, Sociability, Sensemaking and Sensoriality), our work aims to contribute to inform the game design and evaluation activities. Along with the conceptualization of player participation in the videogame context, we propose the use of the Goal-Question-Metrics (GQM) approach to operationalize the production of participation indicators and metrics. To illustrate the definition of gameplay metrics through the GQM approach, we present examples of application of this approach in different games.


Game Design, Gameplay Experience Evaluation, Gameplay Metrics


Fun and Games 2012 Workshop on Player Experience in Videogames, Toulouse, France, September 2012

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