Cross-organizational Business Processes Modeling Using Design-by-Contract Approach



Reaching agreements between organizations in a collaborative environment is a way to ensure interoperability between these organizations at all levels. For business processes interoperability this agreement can be reached by well defining the cross-organizational process. However most BPM frameworks have used meta-models centered on activity-flows, with the data manipulated by these processes seen as second-class citizens. For business analysts (for example in complex product design collaborative environments) data plays a major role. In this paper, we propose a methodology backed by a conceptual framework to model the cross-organizational process relying on the product model. This framework defines the evolution of the product model through a finite number of states, and then automatically generates executable artifacts to support the collaboration during run-time. This approach is being implemented in the living laboratory provided by EADS in the context of the European project IMAGINE.


International IFIP Working Conference on Enterprise Interoperability , Enschede, The Netherlands., April 2013

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