Interoperability among semantic resources in construction: is it feasible?



This paper discusses the semantic interope
rability in the Construction sector, from the view-
point of the FUNSIEC project. Shortl
y, FUNSIEC project aimed to answer
the following question: is it feasi-
ble to establish semantic mappings amongst Semantic Re
sources (SRs) specifically
created for the Construc-
tion sector? This quest has been answered positivel
y through the development of the Open Semantic
Infrastructure for the European Construction Sector (
). FUNSIEC work relied in a methodology that
supported the development of the OSIE
CS triad, which is formed by the OSIECS Kernel, the OSIECS meta-
model, and the OSIECS model. This paper presents
the OSIECS triad, discussing
the approach adopted, the
challenges faced, the problems overcome, and the results ach
ieved. The work to be done
to continue this work
is also discussed.


Proc. 22nd Conference of Information Technology in Construction, cibW78, Dresden, Germany, July 2005

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