Multi-Criteria Approach to Select Service Providers in Collaborative/Competitive Multi-providers Environments



This paper implements and evaluates a multi-criteria approach to select appropriate service providers in a large scale multi-provider environment. This approach uses the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method in a Peer-to-Peer Service Overlay Network (P2P SON) composed of several service providers in order to select the most suitable one to deliver the requested service. The AHP method takes into account several performance indicators to accomplish the task. The performed evaluation compares simulation results regarding the service providers’ selection by using and not using the AHP method. The results show that the use of AHP as a method to select the best service providers is effective, thus resulting in better distributed selections.


Services Management


International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, Vol. 13, #9, pp. 15-22, Dr. John M. Jun, September 2013

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