Mobile Architecture for Identifying users in Ubiquitous Environments Focused on Percontrol



In pervasive and ubiquitous environments, the pro-cess of identifying users can be done using various devices and techniques like radio frequency identifiers (RFID), bluetooth devices, smartphones and others. In this context, it is necessary to implement management techniques and control of these envi-ronments, as well as customize the environment characteristics to meet user preferences.
In this work, we present a solution for control and manage various users, devices and environments. We base our research on Percontrol (a system for pervasive user management), which was only intended to identify users using Wi-Fi, and now it is capable of managing temperature, luminosity and other preferences, measured by a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) embedded to Percontrol, and the data treatment is done by a Artificial Neural Network (ANN).


Ubiquitous Communication, Intelligent applica-tions, Artificial Neural Networks


Ubiquitous Computing


The Seventh International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies - UBICOMM 2013, September 2013

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