An Adaptable Framework for Interoperating Between Wireless Sensor Networks and external Applications



Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are considered the bridge to connect physical and digital worlds and thus an important element of the Future Internet. Consequently, integrating WSNs with external applications is an undeniable requirement. A gateway-based solution in which the sensed data and functions of WSNs exposed as web services is a common approach. However, the problem of current integration solutions for WSNs is the adaptability, i.e., the ability of the gateway or proxy developed for one network to be reused unchanged for others that have different types of applications and data frames. In this paper, we present our proposal this problem by proposing a language for describing the traffic in sensor networks named Sensor Traffic Description Language (STDL). In order to use the framework on a new sensor network, it is only necessary to describe its frame structures using STDL.


Wireless Sensor Networks, Integration, Interoperability, Adaptability, STDL.


Wireless Sensor Networks

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iCIS - Intelligent Computing in the Internet of Services


3rd International Conference on Sensor Networks - SENSORNETS 2014, January 2014

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