Creativity and AI: A Conceptual Blending approach



The main motivating factor behind this book is the appealing, yet often controversial,
goal of computational modelling of creativity. A cross-disciplinary study of creativity
is a mandatory first step and this will help us construct a synthesis from an AI perspective.
From this, we focus on a Model of Concept Invention and, more practically,
on a computational system, Divago.
The Model of Concept Invention is built over the expected principles for a creative
system. It is formalized, although in a computationally idealistic manner, i.e. its
implied complexity prevents it from a feasible implementation. Divago is the partial
instantiation of this abstract model and comprises the main technical substance of
the book. This system is centered on an implementation of the cognitive linguistics
framework of Conceptual Blending, as well as on a mapping algorithm based on
Metaphor work.
Divago was subject to experimentation in a range of applications and analyzed
according to methodologies that have been proposed with the area of Creativity and
AI. Other validation procedures are followed, namely in the comparison to other works
and to Conceptual Blending literature.


Artificial Intelligence, Computational Creativity, Cognitive Modeling


Artificial Intelligence

PhD Thesis

Creativity and AI: A Conceptual Blending approach, January 2005

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